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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.





The Piqua Community Foundation was founded in November 1993 by original trustees Clifford R. Alexander, Jr., Lloyd B. Fry, and Michael P. Yannucci. Fifteen civic-minded citizens were elected to the original Board of Directors, and fund raising was begun to establish a fund to make grants to community organizations.


One hundred seventeen Charter Life Trustees of the Foundation contributed a minimum of $1000 each to establish the grant-making fund, which is now known as the Piqua Community Fund. At present, approximately two hundred thirty people have become Life Trustees.


The Foundation began making grants to the community in 1995, with $8000 distributed in the first year. As of December 2016, over $987,000 have been granted to local organizations that make a difference in the lives of Piqua residents.


Several community projects have been undertaken by the Foundation including campaigns to build or renovate the Alexander Stadium (including a second campaign to install artificial turf), the Fort Piqua Plaza and the Johnston Farm and Indian Agency education center.


The Piqua Community Foundation now holds a variety of funds, ranging from donor designated to unrestricted. Our mission is to provide opportunities for any donor to be generous, and we welcome the chance to help all donors meet their charitable giving goals.

What is a community foundation? The Internal Revenue Service classifies foundations according to the source of the money invested. A community foundation needs to meet “the test of public support”. This test proves to the I.R.S. that a community foundation is not a tax shelter for one family or corporation, but a philanthropic organization supported by a broad base of community members. A community foundation’s basic functions are to encourage philanthropy and to assist donors in meeting their charitable giving goals. There are over 70 community foundations in Ohio and hundreds more throughout the United States.


What is the Foundation?

  • The Piqua Community Foundation encourages philanthropic giving by Piqua residents to Piqua residents (and others.)
  • The Foundation makes grants to organizations whose missions are religious, scientific, literary, educational or charitable.
  • The Foundation offers a variety of opportunities to contribute to the community, both restricted and unrestricted gifts of any size.


Our Mission

The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.


The Funds of the Foundation include:




The Piqua Community Fund


C. Edwin & Florence M. Sperry Fund


The Donnelly Unrestricted Fund




The Alexander Scholarship Fund


The Alfred W. French Fund


The Donnelly Designated Fund


The Donnelly Advised Fund


The Forest Hill Carillon Fund


Fort Piqua Plaza Maintenance Fund


The French Oil Mill Machinery Company Fund


The G. William Hartzell Charitable Fund


The Hemm Family Fund


The Hinsch Family Fund


The Johnston Family LLC


The Kathryn L. Johnston Family Fund


The Little Kinger Fund


Our Kids Charitable Fund


The Patricia L. Recker Memorial Fund


The Piqua Stadium Fund


The Robert and Miriam Hartzell Memorial Scholarship Fund


The Rose and Ray Loffer Fund


The Scholarship Endowment Fund



The Piqua Community Foundation - 2018 Board of Directors


Stacy P. Scott, President


Michael P. Yannucci, Secretary/treasurer


John S. Alexander


Brett Baumeister


Cheryl L. Burkhardt


Mimi A. Crawford


Daniel P. French


Michael E. Gutmann


Marsha S. Hinsch


Amanda N. Manson


Andrew S. Monnin


Randi M. Pearson


Daniel E. Ramer


Jim Sever


Emily E. Shawler


Andrew Snyder


Steven K. Staley


Tony Wendeln



Ex officio


Jack L. Neuenschwander, Legal Counsel


Karen S. Wendeln, Executive Director





"Providing your opportunity to enrich our community!"

"Providing your opportunity to enrich our community!"

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