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The Piqua Community Foundation encourages charitable giving to benefit the citizens of Piqua, and provides a variety of methods for donors to help fulfill their charitable giving wishes.


Spotlighting Our Donors

On this page we share the stories of several local philanthropists who have established funds in the Piqua Community Foundation. Each had a different idea about how much to give, how much participation he or she wanted to have in the process and which organizations, projects or programs would benefit from the fund. Collaborating with these donors, the Foundation was able to help establish funds which truly enrich the lives of Piqua residents and others while respecting and honoring the intentions of the givers. Each fund is customized to the specifications of the donors while adhering to all legal requirements and the policies of the Piqua Community Foundation.


Click on the links below for a story of these donors.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why should I donate to the Foundation?

The Foundation makes grants to organizations that help improve life for Piqua residents, assuring the funds go to quality projects that will really make a difference.


Can I decide who receives the funds?

Yes! Through a personal gifting account or a named fund, the donor directs which groups will benefit from the donation.


Do I need to be wealthy to use the Foundation?

No! Anyone can benefit our community by giving to our Piqua Community Fund. You can also use a personal gifting account to realize maximum tax benefits for contributions made. The Foundation also has options to defer your gift through planned giving.


How can I get involved?

Contact executive director Karen Wendeln at our office. We will respond promptly.


Personal Gifting


The Community Foundation Personal Gifting Accounts allow anyone to make gifts with the maximum tax advantage.


The donor gives stock, property or cash to the Foundation and takes the tax benefits at the time of the gift. The donor may then advise the Foundation to make distributions from the account to charitable organizations at any time. Gifts may be given to any qualifying not-for-profit organization, including most churches, schools, alumni associations, and charitable causes.


There is no minimum amount necessary to open an account, and no limit to the length of time the Foundation will hold the funds. These accounts allow donors to gift appreciated securities or other assets, without paying capital gains tax so they can be generous with the money instead!


Planned Giving


The Heritage Society honors friends who, through their generosity, have included the Piqua Community Foundation in their wills or estate plans. Contact the Foundation office for more information on planned giving.


Establishing A Fund


In the Community Foundation, a donor can establish a fund to meet specific giving intentions:


  • Field of Interest Funds benefit charitable organizations that work in a specified field, such as youth programs or conservation.

  • Donor Designated Funds make regularly scheduled contributions to organizations chosen by the donor when the fund was established.

  • Donor Advised Funds allow a committee to determine the way money is distributed and the schedule of payments.

  • The Piqua Community Fund gives donors an opportunity to make a contribution to the community with ease. The Foundation's Distribution Committee makes choices regarding granting the funds, and the Investment Committee oversees the investments.

  • Organization Endowment Funds allow a not-for-profit organization to hold their funds in the community foundation, eliminating the need to pay state filing fees and allowing the use of the Foundation's investment expertise.

  • Funds can be established with gifts of stock, cash, or property or by naming the Foundation as beneficiary of a trust or insurance policy.



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